This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On May 05, 2023

Monday 5/1

Why Ransomware and Business Email Compromise Remain Top Attack Types (Arctic Wolf)

The continued increase in cybercrime and breach attempts is not a new trend. For years now, the percentages have ticked upwards, and though cybersecurity has evolved, so have hackers seeking data, money, or infamy.

AI Powers the Branch of the Future, Today (Palo Alto Networks)

With the establishment of hybrid work as a long-term trend and the exponential increase in cloud usage, organizations are transforming their branches to be agile, digital and secure

Tuesday 5/2

Making a List and Checking it Twice

Assess Insider Threats by Asking 6 Key Questions (CyberArk)

The people closest to your business can sometimes cause the most damage. Yet while top-secret data leaks are headline news today, most insider threats are well-intentioned people who just screw up.

Using Big Data to Defend Cloud Accounts Against Cyber Criminals (Proofpoint)

Cyber criminals are constantly trying to compromise cloud accounts using brute-force techniques such as guessing passwords or exploiting weak authentication mechanisms until they gain access. And from there,  compromised cloud accounts open the door to internal phishing, data theft, and email fraud.

Wednesday 5/3

Relentless Threat Activity Puts Identities in the Crosshairs (CrowdStrike)

One set of valid employee credentials can provide an adversary with all they need to log into a business, move laterally, escalate privileges and achieve their goals — whether that’s removing access to accounts, terminating services, destroying data or deleting resources.

Ransomware Roundup - UNIZA Ransomware (Fortinet)

FortiGuard Labs recently came across a new ransomware variant called UNIZA. Like other ransomware variants, it encrypts files on victims’ machines in an attempt to extort money. It uses the Command Prompt (cmd.exe) window to display its ransom message, and interestingly, it does not append the filename of the files it encrypts, making it more difficult to determine which files have been impacted.

Thursday 5/4

Lost ILO Administrator Password with Zero Downtime

Modern Networking in the Digital World (F5)

In a modern, digital world, networking should, by default, include connectivity layers. The transport (layer 4) and application (layer 7) layers MUST—as in RFC MUST—be included when we talk about networking in a hybrid and multi-cloud environment.

What Automation Means For Cybersecurity—And Your Business (Varonis)

Automation can help turn the right information into action, helping to defend against cyberattacks, mitigate risk, shore up compliance and improve productivity.

Friday 5/5

Protecting your password: Create an unbreakable one (Check Point)

Relentless technological advances are not only benefiting users, but also providing cybercriminals with new tools to carry out their attacks.

Level up your Citrix Workspace environments with a new UI! (Citrix)