This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On May 19, 2023

Monday 5/15

The Value of Holistic Visibility: Putting it All Together (Arctic Wolf)

Organizations have too many tools feeding them more information than their staff can handle, and partially because those tools are siloed off and improperly managed, preventing comprehensive information and complete understanding of what’s happening within an organization’s IT infrastructure.

Ransomware Roundup – Maori (Fortinet)

FortiGuard Labs recently came across a new ransomware variant called Maori. Like other ransomware variants, it encrypts files on victims’ machines to extort money. Interestingly, this variant is designed to run on Linux architecture and is coded in Go, which is somewhat rare and increases the analysis difficulty.

Tuesday 5/16

My House. My Rules.

Crime Finds a Way: The Evolution and Experimentation of the Cybercrime Ecosystem (Proofpoint)

The cybercriminal ecosystem has experienced a monumental shift in activity and threat behavior over the last year in a way not previously observed by threat researchers. Financially motivated threat actors that gain initial access via email are no longer using static, predictable attack chains, but rather dynamic, rapidly changing techniques.

Are You Ready for the FTC MFA Requirements? (HYPR)

The FTC has stated that MFA is critical for system security and the protection of consumer information. The implementation of the FTC MFA requirements in line with the updated Safeguards rule requires at least two authentication factors.

Wednesday 5/17

Attack Surface Risk, Challenges and Changes (Palo Alto Networks)

As the number of connected devices and online services continues to grow, identifying all of these assets and potential vulnerabilities is a challenge. Implementing effective security measures becomes more difficult, especially if you are relying on manual inventory processes.

Protecting Your Unstructured Data: NAS Backup Best Practices (Veeam)

Centralized repositories can make end-users’ lives easier by having a single location where they can store and share their data. However, for backup administrators, protecting that data brings its own unique set of challenges.

Thursday 5/18

Identify and Protect Against Endpoint Vulnerabilities (Check Point)

By monitoring the security posture of endpoints, you can identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that may leave your organization open to attacks.

How to monitor, detect, and respond to cloud data risks faster with built-in security controls for cloud events (Wiz)

Data breaches can result in damage to a company’s brand and potential revenue loss due to customers losing trust, causing them to explore alternative solutions. Organizations need to detect data risks as soon as they occur for faster resolution time.

Friday 5/19

How to Unlock the Power of IoT and Unstructured Data (Pure Storage)

As the internet of things (IoT) grows, so too does the amount of unstructured data organizations need to process. Learn more about IoT and unstructured data.

The Cloud is Just Half the Problem (XM Cyber)

The shift to the cloud does not mean that on-prem threats have somehow lessened or become all of the sudden unimportant. Quite the opposite, in fact. As organizations move more and more critical assets and processes to the cloud, assets may be even more exposed than they were previously.