This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On June 09, 2023

Monday 6/5

What Physical NICs Are Your VMs Using?

Non-disruptive Workload Mobility with ActiveWorkload (Pure Storage)

ActiveWorkload is a powerful tool that enables you to move workloads non-disruptively between FlashArray systems.

Extending Zero Trust OT Security to Meet Air Gap Requirements (Palo Alto Networks)

These offerings were designed to help organizations stay secure while adapting to the tremendous amount of change occurring in OT from transformation initiatives, like Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing.

Tuesday 6/6

Need To Know Basis

Meet the biggest threat to your security, and how to protect your employees (Citrix)

We must recognize the large impact human behavior has on security and use this insight to design a security strategy that both protects employees wherever they work and keeps company data safe.

Wednesday 6/7

Cyber Breach Remediation’s 5-Step Cycle (CyberArk)

Cybersecurity often feels like a numbers game, where professionals focus most on preventing and stopping attacks. But defenses can always be breached – and in today’s threat landscape, that probability is increasing.

New F5 Integration Makes Protecting Your Apps and APIs a Lot Easier (F5)

For example, March 2023 was the most prolific month for ransomware attacks in recent years—up 91% from February and 62% from March 2022. Moreover, the cost of cybercrime is expected to hit $8 trillion by the end of the year and reach $15 trillion by 2025.

Actionable Insights: Reduce Your Organization’s Risk from TOAD Attack Campaigns (Proofpoint)

A TOAD attack is a relatively new form of phishing attack that combines voice and email phishing techniques. Attackers aim to trick users into disclosing sensitive information over the phone, such as login credentials or financial data, by impersonating a trusted authority figure.

Thursday 6/8

CrowdStrike Defines the Future of Cloud Security with One-Click XDR to Automatically Identify and Secure Unmanaged Cloud Assets (CrowdStrike)

These agent-based and agentless innovations enable customers to consolidate multiple cloud security point products into a single, unified platform for complete protection across the cloud security lifecycle.

Four Trends Shaping the Next-Generation Firewall Market (Fortinet)

As the threat landscape continues to evolve and modern enterprise environments grow more complex, it’s critical for vendors and IT teams alike to keep the pulse of the NGFW industry. Here are four powerful trends to watch.

Friday 6/9

Securing the Cloud in Modern Times | How Businesses Can Build Cohesive Cloud-Native Security Strategies (SentinelOne)

While the return on investment for using cloud technology is clear, embedding adequate security in all aspects of cloud applications, infrastructure, and data can prove to be a moving target.

May 2023’s Most Wanted Malware: New Version of Guloader Delivers Encrypted Cloud-Based Payloads (Check Point)

Check Point Research reported on a new version of shellcode-based downloader GuLoader featuring fully encrypted payloads for cloud-based delivery.