This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On June 23, 2023

Monday 6/19

Preventing Cyber Attacks is Critical to Improve Healthcare Outcomes (Check Point)

Last month, 1 out of every 44 organizations across the United States were impacted by ransomware attacks. Healthcare organizations continue to be among the top 3 most impacted industries.

Six Critical Vulnerabilities Patched with Microsoft’s June Security Update (Arctic Wolf)

On June 13, 2023, Microsoft published their June 2023 Security Update which included patches for six vulnerabilities with a max severity of critical. According to Microsoft’s advisories, none of the vulnerabilities have been actively exploited at this time.

Tuesday 6/20

Taking a Centralized Approach to Cloud Security (Fortinet)

By addressing the challenges of cloud security head-on and leveraging the power of centralized platforms, organizations can unlock the full potential of the cloud while safeguarding their critical assets.

Evergreen//One Offers the First STaaS Ransomware Recovery SLA to Ship Clean Arrays (Pure Storage)

Pure Storage announced the first-of-its-kind ransomware recovery SLA for Evergreen//One™, our storage-as-a-service (STaaS) offering, guaranteeing a clean storage environment following an attack.

Wednesday 6/21

‘Sign in to continue’ and suffer : Attackers abusing legitimate services for credential theft (Check Point)

Check Point Research (CPR) detected an ongoing phishing campaign that uses legitimate services for credential harvesting and data exfiltration in order to evade detection.

We Can’t Do It Alone: Sharing Threat Intelligence Makes Everyone Safer (Palo Alto Networks)

Sharing threat intelligence is a vital practice that ultimately makes everyone safer – and it leaves plenty of room for maintaining a competitive edge.

More Ways To Reset An ILO Administrator Password With Zero Downtime

In an article posted last month, we demonstrated how to reset an ILO password on a VMware ESXi host without any downtime. Today, we want to show you a different variation of that process, tailored for an older ILO card operating with an earlier version of ESXi.

Thursday 6/22

Top Azure Services To Pay Attention To (Nerdio)

How Secure Are Passkeys? (HYPR)

Passkeys are so vastly more secure than passwords that you should run — don’t walk — to implement them everywhere that you can. Seriously.

Friday 6/23

Buh-Bye. Bye now.

Joint Guide to Securing Remote Access Software Released by CISA and Partners (CISA)

This joint guide informs organizations how to detect and defend against malicious actors abusing this software by providing common exploitations and associated tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).

Security Guidance from the Front Lines of Cloud Incident Response (CrowdStrike)

CrowdStrike’s Incident Response Services and Threat Intelligence teams work closely during and after incidents, sharing valuable information about the adversary and their traits, capabilities and tactics.