This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On September 01, 2023

Monday 8/28

Surge in Cybercrime: Check Point 2023 Mid-Year Security Report Reveals 48 Ransomware Groups Have Breached Over 2,200 Victims (Check Point)

The key takeaway from CPR’s 2023 Mid-Year Security Report is that cybersecurity is a dynamic battlefield. It underscores the need for organizations to evolve their security strategies in tandem with the shifting threat landscape, employing a combination of the latest AI-driven defenses and a deep understanding of older vulnerabilities.

Unlocking the Power of Metadata Management with FlashBlade (Pure Storage)

FlashBlade provides effective distributed metadata handling that enables users to have proper metadata management and accurate tracking of changes made to stored data over time.

Tuesday 8/29

The Windows Restart Manager: How It Works and How It Can Be Hijacked, Part 1 (CrowdStrike)

Malware utilizes a multitude of techniques to avoid detection, and threat actors are continuously uncovering and exploiting new methods of attack. One of the less common techniques includes the exploitation of the Windows Restart Manager.

What Is Adaptive Authentication? (HYPR)

Adaptive authentication is a promising advancement to enhance authentication protocols, leveraging diverse parameters to conduct a risk-based evaluation of authentication requirements.

Wednesday 8/30

3 Types of Privileged Accounts to Secure in a Transforming Enterprise (CyberArk)

For security teams managing their enterprises’ privileged access management (PAM) programs, times have changed and what’s considered a privileged or high-risk account has drastically shifted. In turn, the way organizations not only manage privilege, but comprehensively secure it, must also shift.

Thursday 8/31

FBI and European partners seize major malware network in blow to global cybercrime

U.S. officials said Tuesday that the FBI and its European partners infiltrated and seized control of a major global malware network used for more than 15 years to commit a gamut of online crimes including crippling ransomware attacks.

Always Innovating: Advanced Threat Prevention and Software Firewalls (Palo Alto Networks)

ATP reports are getting richer and will have MITRE mappings, and we have added Australia to our growing list of ATP regional clouds, ensuring customers get the fastest security updates no matter where they are in the world.

Friday 9/1

Ransomware Roundup – Rhysida (Fortinet)

On a bi-weekly basis, FortiGuard Labs gathers data on ransomware variants of interest that have been gaining traction within our datasets and the OSINT community. The Ransomware Roundup report aims to provide readers with brief insights into the evolving ransomware landscape and the Fortinet solutions that protect against those variants.

How companies can get a grip on ‘business email compromise’ (Check Point)

No matter how large or small, every business is vulnerable to cyberattacks and data breaches. While breach threats to enterprise network security still exist, remote working and moving to cloud-based SaaS applications have led to more attacks that focus on compromising employees’ business accounts.