This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On September 08, 2023

Tuesday 9/5

What Is Smishing and How Organizations Can Protect Themselves (Arctic Wolf)

SMS (short messaging service) phishing or “smishing” is a common type of cyber attack where victims receive misleading text messages intended to trick them into providing credentials, access, valuable data, or even downloading malware onto a system. It is also called “cell phone phishing.”

The Evolution of Cybersecurity in Banking (Fortinet)

As highlighted in recent reports, key activities in the financial ecosystem can be disrupted by cyber incidents, so risk management and secure network protocols are paramount. With cybercriminals relentlessly pursuing financial gain, data breaches have become more frequent and sophisticated, underscoring vulnerabilities in the banking sector.

Wednesday 9/6

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica ft. Bryon Singh, RailWorks Corporation

The Common Cloud Misconfigurations That Lead to Cloud Data Breaches (CrowdStrike)

Multi-cloud environments are complex, and it can be difficult to tell when excessive account permissions are granted, improper public access is configured or other mistakes are made. It can also be difficult to tell when an adversary takes advantage of them.

Thursday 9/7

Insider Threat Awareness: Are You Prepared for an Insider Threat? (Proofpoint)

The most effective insider threat management programs don’t just focus on tracking data; they also correlate data movement with user activity. This improves a company’s ability to identify risky user behavior and prevent insider-led incidents.

Who Are Ransomware Attackers and What Are They After? (Pure Storage)

Don’t let ransomware attackers take you by surprise. Understand who makes the ideal target and why, and what you can do to avoid becoming the next statistic.

Friday 9/8

Rewards and Risks: What Generative AI Means for Security (Varonis)

As AI has grown in popularity, concerns are being raised about the risks involved with using the technology. Cybercriminals have already found ways to exfiltrate data from different AI tools, including using platforms like WormGPT, an AI model trained on malware creation data and used for ill intent or to generate malicious code.

Unleash the Cloud and Data for a Seamless and Secure Media Experience (F5)

The media and entertainment (M&E) industry’s digital transformation continues as the cloud spurs a shift toward seamless content delivery. The cloud provides several benefits that make it easier for organizations like yours to store, process, and distribute content more efficiently and cost effectively.