This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On February 02, 2024

Monday 1/29

Evergreen//One Recognized as DCIG TOP 5 Storage as-a-Service Solution (Pure Storage)

The Data Center Intelligence Group (DCIG) recently recognized Evergreen//One™ from Pure Storage as a DCIG TOP 5 solution in the 2022-23 DCIG TOP 5 Enterprise Storage as a Service Solutions report.

5 Common Privilege Escalation Attack Techniques with Examples (Proofpoint)

Privilege escalation is often a top aim for cybercriminals as they traverse the attack chain to exploit your IT crown jewels. It lets them achieve critical steps in the attack chain, like maintaining persistence and moving laterally within an environment. Once they’ve initially compromised a host, they will seek to acquire higher privileges to gain access to valuable assets and create other mischief or damage.

Tuesday 1/30

Shut Up and Dance ft. Bryon Singh, RailWorks Corporation

The New Cybercrime Atlas: A Collaborative Approach to Fighting Digital Crime (Fortinet)

Everything from commerce and banking to delivering critical services to managing international transportation and energy grids are now online, and many of their underlying resources, such as supply chains, are interdependent. Because of this, digital disruptions can have far-reaching implications, impacting the lives and well-being of virtually everyone.

Wednesday 1/31

NetScaler and Citrix Endpoint Management: Improving user experience with advanced authentication policies (Citrix)

Citrix Endpoint Management supports NetScaler advanced authentication policies that allow IT administrators to elevate the security posture for mobile platforms – iOS and Android with multi-factor authentication. We heard your feedback throughout the year to ensure the end-user experience is the same or better than running NetScaler classic authentication policies.

Pay Now or Pay Later (Check Point)

Considering the growing convergence of IT and OT, the advent of digital transformation, IIoT (Industrial IoT), Industry 4.0 and the migration to cloud-based infrastructure, the vulnerabilities of these systems to cyber threats have become a paramount concern.

Thursday 2/1

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Short, Mid and Long-Term Impacts of AI in Cybersecurity (Palo Alto Networks)

AI is poised to play an increasingly significant role in the field of cybersecurity. As the technology evolves, it will likely shape the way security practitioners and SOC personnel approach their roles.

Understanding Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (Arctic Wolf)

TTPs, broadly speaking, explain how threat actors gain access to and move through a system, as well as how they successfully launch attacks and data breaches. TTPs are studied, analyzed, and adjusted by both the cybersecurity and cybercrime community and thus play a major role in the modern cyber landscape.

Friday 2/2

Stopping Alert Fatigue in 3 Simple Steps (Cycode)

As the volume of alerts rises, however, a pressing issue emerges: alert fatigue. When alarms become so frequent or overwhelming that they transform into background noise, their effectiveness diminishes.

Going Cloud Native: Build Apps Once, Deploy Anywhere (Nutanix)

Embracing the concept of containerized apps requires a significant paradigm shift across every aspect of an organization—but with the right cultural mindset and the right tools and platforms, a cloud-native approach can set you up for current and future success.