This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On April 05, 2024

Monday 4/1

Citrix Autoscale: Unlock better user experiences, maximize resource utilization, and achieve better cost management (Citrix)

Citrix Autoscale is designed to help customers address these challenges by scaling resources based on real-time demand such as peak times, schedules, and session (single or multi-session) type in your on-premises and cloud environments.

Tuesday 4/2

Unifying Your Detection and Response Efforts (Fortinet)

It’s critical for organizations to maintain comprehensive real-time visibility while streamlining their analysis and response processes, strengthening any network weak spots that can be exploited by threat actors.

5 Best Practices to Secure Azure Resources (CrowdStrike)

As organizations choose cloud service providers to power their technological transformations, they must also properly secure their cloud environments to protect sensitive data, maintain privacy and comply with stringent regulatory requirements.

Wednesday 4/3

VPNFIlter ft. Bryon Singh, RailWorks Corporation

CrowdStrike and Rubrik Join Forces to Defend Attacks on Data (Rubrik, CrowdStrike)

To address the escalating threat landscape, Rubrik and CrowdStrike have joined forces to redefine cyber defense, with several integration points between our platforms.

Disk Is Done When It Comes to Backups (Pure Storage)

Most backups still go to purpose-built backup appliances. It’s time to switch to flash and reap the benefits, which include reducing power by 80% or more.

Thursday 4/4

Top GenAI Threats – and why Zero Trust AI Access is the Future (Check Point)

This reality introduces a new set of security vulnerabilities, such as data leakage, prompt injection, risky access to online resources, and even access to corporate resources on behalf of employees.

Understanding Multi-Factor Authentication (Arctic Wolf)

As the name suggests, this control involves multiple forms of authentication, which are commonly something you have, such as a token or a mobile device; something you know, such as the answer to a security question or secondary password; or something you are, such as your fingerprint or another biometric trait.

Friday 4/5

How Cyber Exposure Management Strengthens Overall Enterprise Risk Management (Bitsight)

With an effective cyber exposure management program, the ability for attackers to move laterally becomes much more difficult, and the impact of such attacks can be significantly reduced.

From Automation To Augmentation: Unlocking The Power Of AI In IT (Nerdio)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way IT professionals work, innovate, and secure a competitive edge. Whether it’s streamlining operations, improving decision-making, or enhancing fraud detection measures, AI technology offers a variety of opportunities for organizations to stay ahead in this new era.