This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On May 31, 2024

Tuesday 5/28

Creating a Security Program with Less Complexity and More Visibility (Palo Alto Networks)

The greatest misconception about cybersecurity is that programs can catch up overnight with silver-bullet solutions. There’s no substitute for a strong foundation and daily maintenance.

AI and Automation in the Race to Reduce Attack Dwell Time (Check Point)

As cyber threats continue to evolve, so too must the strategies and technologies used to combat them. AI and automation represent the next frontier in TDIR, offering the potential to drastically reduce attack dwell time and enhance overall security posture.

Wednesday 5/29

Boosting the Power of EDA Workloads on Modern Data Platform (Pure Storage)

While generative AI can speed up EDA design, a modern data platform that can scale and support these compute-intensive workloads without bottlenecks is critical.

HYPR Announces New Partnership with CrowdStrike to Expand its Trusted Integration Network (HYPR)

The new integration combines data from HYPR Adapt with security telemetry from the industry-leading CrowdStrike Falcon XDR platform, empowering organizations to make contextual access decisions and mitigate the risk of unauthorized access and insider threats.

Thursday 5/30

Threat Intelligence’s Role in Cybersecurity (Arctic Wolf)

Without threat intelligence, even the most basic kind, organizations would have no idea how to protect themselves against imminent threats, or what those threats even look like. It’s threat intelligence that tells us how ransomware is evolving, which ransomware groups are most active, how common phishing is, and why threat actors are targeting credentials at an alarming rate.

Extend Complete Data Security to the Public Cloud with DSPM (Zscaler)

Organizations can spend millions of dollars every year on multiple security solutions to secure their data. But this approach doesn’t scale, and it requires a lot of manual operations, leading to alert overload and more security gaps, especially in complex multicloud environments. Meanwhile, the global average cost of a data breach increased 15% in the last three years to approximately $4.45 million, with 82% of data breaches involving data stored in cloud environments.

Friday 5/31

CrowdStrike and Cloudflare Announce Expanded Strategic Partnership to Secure Networks and Power the AI-Native SOC (CrowdStrike)

New alliance combines best-of-breed platforms, accelerating partners’ ability to drive vendor consolidation by securing the network and stopping breaches across device endpoints, cloud, identity, data, and applications.

The power of Enforcing a Minimum OS Version (Citrix)

You know what the worst nightmare of an admin is – Non-compliant devices! Imagine if the devices are compliant even before they are allowed to enroll. Well, believe me or not, it’s no longer a dream.