This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On June 14, 2024

Monday 6/10

Announcing the inclusion of XenServer 8 in all new Citrix subscriptions! (Citrix)

XenServer provides our Citrix platform customers the premium hypervisor capabilities optimized for Citrix workloads. Leveraging XenServer for your Citrix workloads helps you save money on 3rd party hypervisor solutions, while getting the most out of your Citrix deployment, with optimizations for Citrix only available from XenServer, such as PVS Accelerator, Intellicache, and MCS Read Cache.

Securing a Lifeline: Why Identity Security is Paramount in Healthcare (CyberArk)

Healthcare cybersecurity is essential for protecting patient data, ensuring medical service availability and maintaining compliance across the medical industry. The future of healthcare is increasingly digital, and its security depends on the strength of identity security measures.

Tuesday 6/11

Four Ways to Prevent Credential Theft and Credential-Based Attacks (Arctic Wolf)

Use of stolen credentials was named the top attack action, seen in 24% of incidents, according to the 2024 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, and “use of previously compromised credentials” was listed as the root cause for 7.3% of Arctic Wolf Incident Response engagements in 2023.

CrowdStrike Expands Support and Protection for AWS Services (CrowdStrike)

CrowdStrike is announcing expanded AWS support to provide breach protection, enhanced visibility and faster response across your cloud environment.

Wednesday 6/12

Artificial Intelligence in the Wrong Hands

While technological defenses are crucial, educating users is paramount. As scammers increasingly leverage AI's capabilities, it is vital to remain vigilant and equip individuals with the knowledge to identify and thwart evolving threats both personally and professionally.

Keeping Content Fresh: 4 Best Practices for Relevant Threat-Driven Security Awareness (Proofpoint)

The threat landscape moves fast. As new attack methods and social engineering techniques appear, organizations need to maintain security awareness programs that are relevant, agile and focused.

What’s the State of Identity Assurance Today? Recap of the 2024 Report (HYPR)

As digital transformation accelerates, organizations are increasingly vulnerable to identity-focused attacks, which are now the primary entry point for cybercriminals. The incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) into the attacker’s arsenal ups the stakes even higher.

Thursday 6/13

Fortinet to Acquire Lacework, Enhancing the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Cybersecurity Platform (Fortinet)

Fortinet intends to integrate Lacework’s CNAPP solution into its existing portfolio, forming one of the most comprehensive, full stack AI-driven cloud security platforms available from a single vendor.

Custom runtime rules and runtime response policies: new layers of defense (Wiz)

Custom runtime rules and runtime response policies add critical layers to our security framework. They provide real-time protection, enhanced visibility, and integration with automated response — all of which allow for precise, environment-specific threat detection.

Friday 6/14

Forrester Names Palo Alto Networks a Leader in OT Security (Palo Alto Network)

Through our platform approach, we provide comprehensive OT capabilities, best-in-class security and a consistent user experience across OT and IT networks, helping our customers reduce operational complexities that are particularly inherent in OT environments.

5 Ways to Address Data Security Gaps Before an Attack (Pure Storage)

With any ransomware attack or other security event, there’s going to be a before, a during, and an after phase. To understand how to protect your organization at each phase is to understand how an attack unfolds. Each phase also requires its own unique approach to minimize the damage from a security breach.