This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On August 09, 2019

Tuesday 7/30

Capital One Announces Data Security Incident

This event affected approximately 100 million individuals in the United States and approximately 6 million in Canada. Importantly, no credit card account numbers or log-in credentials were compromised and over 99 percent of Social Security numbers were not compromised.

Robinhood admits to storing some passwords in cleartext

Not all Robinhood users were impacted, but a company spokesperson could not reveal the exact number. We were told the issue is believed to be resolved, and passwords are now being hashed using the Bcrypt algorithm.

The Cloud Stops Email Hackers Before Your Employees Start Clicking

FireEye has developed sophisticated intelligence tools that help cope with the rising challenges caused by generalized phishing attempts, or the increasingly sophisticated spearphishing that target specific individuals.

Wednesday 7/31

iPhone iMessage Security Vulnerability Lets Attackers Read Your Files From Anywhere

The out-of-bounds read flaw was present in the Siri and Core Data iOS components affecting all iPhone 5s or later, iPad Air or later, and iPod touch 6th generation or later devices. Apple has reportedly fixed the issue in the iOS 12.4 update.

The Revival and Rise of Email Extortion Scams

Most of these emails also contain a password or partial phone number previously (or perhaps still) associated with the email address the email is sent to. This is included to make it appear the attacker has access to private information about the recipient—when in fact they almost certainly obtained it from one of the many large password dumps of recent years.

Forescout discovers poor security is making Enterprise IoT a liability

Many IoT devices, including surveillance cameras, are set up by default to communicate over unencrypted protocols, allowing for traffic sniffing and tampering of sensitive information.

Monday 8/5

FireEye’s new software releases allow for detection and investigation of attacks against servers

Two new software releases – FireEye Network Security 8.3 and FireEye Endpoint Security 4/8 allow for enhanced detection and investigation of advanced attacks against servers, whether hosted in the cloud, on-premises or in hybrid environments.

Next Generation Cyber: Malware-Free Attacks

40% of all attacks in 2018 were non-malware intrusions indicating malicious activity that would typically go undetected by legacy anti-virus.

NVIDIA Patches High Severity Flaws in Windows GPU Display Driver

NVIDIA released a GPU display driver security update to fix five high and medium severity vulnerabilities that could lead to local code execution, escalation of privileges, and denial of service on vulnerable Windows computers.

Tuesday 8/6

Microsoft adds Azure Dedicated Host option for running VMs on single-tenant servers

Using Azure Dedicated Host, customers get further control over the underlying host type; processor brand and capabilities; number of cores; and type and size of the VMs deployed.

What You Need to Know About LookBack Malware & How to Detect It

The spearphishing emails, sent between July 19 and July 25, contained a malicious Microsoft Word attachment that installed a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) capable of performing activities like deleting files, taking screenshots, rebooting machines, and then deleting itself from an infected network.

Wednesday 8/7

Warning As New Malware Bypasses Network Security Measures To Enable Attacks On PCs

This malware was not an attack in itself, it was an enabler, hiding on infected computers, establishing a proxy that other malware can then use to manage traffic to the PC and carry out their threats.

Security lapse exposed weak points on Honda’s internal network

The server contained 134 million rows of employee systems data from the company’s endpoint security service, containing technical details of each computer and device connected to the internal network.

Thursday 8/8

NVIDIA Starts Publishing GPU Hardware Documentation To Help Open-Source Drivers

NVIDIA has released public, freely available (MIT licensed) documentation of portions of its GPU hardware interface. This is a work in progress; not all interfaces have been published. NVIDIA is releasing this documentation to support open-source development for their GPUs with the Nouveau (Linux driver) project being their first known user/project.

Friday 8/9

Check Point Software Technologies and Gotham Technology Group billboard outside of the Lincoln Tunnel


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Citrix Managed Desktops close to GA release

Citrix Managed Desktops, which will be released Aug. 20, is meant to make managing desktops for IT easier by having Citrix control the management aspects of virtual desktops.