This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On August 16, 2019

Monday 8/12

McAfee buys container security startup NanoSec

McAfee said NanoSec's security capabilities will be applied to applications and workloads deployed in containers and Kubernetes environments, giving customers app-level segmentation for detecting and preventing threats.

AWS To Expand VMware Cloud On AWS Availability

Amazon Web Services plans to expand the availability of VMware Cloud on AWS from 16 AWS regions to all 21 of its cloud computing regions by the end of next year.

1.4 Billion iPhones and iPads Are at Risk Due to This Major Security Flaw

An iPhone's contacts are stored in SQLite databases and that is how a hacker gains entry. And it isn't just your contacts. iOS' password manager uses SQLite, meaning that all of your stored passwords could be at risk in an attack that exploits this vulnerability.

Tuesday 8/13

Pure Storage Scores High on CRN’s 2019 Annual Report Card

Each year the company enhances the Partner Program with a customer and partner first mindset, to provide competitive incentives and rewards, technical certifications, marketing support and training opportunities.

Nvidia Sets New Conversational AI Records, Shares Code To Help Others

Nvidia announced the three breakthroughs on Tuesday, saying it has set new records in training, inference and the size of the training model for BERT, an advanced AI language model developed by Google.

Wednesday 8/14

Scale out or scale in with ease in public clouds through Citrix ADC

Citrix ADC’s autoscale solution doesn’t just scale in or scale out Citrix ADC resources based on traffic patterns. It also integrates with AWS (Autoscale Group) and Azure (VM Scaleset) autoscale solutions to add or remove the scaled-in or scaled-out backend servers to the load-balancing server list.

Microsoft's August Security Patches Address New RDP Vulnerabilities

There's a familiar theme in the August security updates, namely holes associated with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Microsoft this month warned about "BlueKeep” exploits now being available to attackers, but it also found a few new RDP issues, and they're getting addressed in this month's patch bundle.

Carbon Black Threat Analysis Unit (TAU) Launches “Binee,” an Open-Source Binary Emulator for Malware Researchers

Carbon Black announced the launch of “Binee,” an open-source binary emulator that bridges the gap between static and dynamic analysis of real-world malware.

Thursday 8/15

Citrix a Leader in Unified Endpoint Management

“At Citrix, we are focused on providing companies with a modern approach to managing the devices their employees need and prefer to use to get work done in a simple, secure and unified way,” said Calvin Hsu, Vice President, Product Marketing.

Friday 8/16

Varonis Uncovers New Malware Strains and a Mysterious Web Shell During a Monero Cryptojacking Investigation

Analysis of the collected malware samples revealed a new variant, which the team dubbed “Norman” that uses various techniques to hide and avoid discovery. We also discovered an interactive web shell that may be related to the mining operators.

Phishing: Watch out for this new version of trojan malware that spreads through malicious Word documents

A new variant of trojan malware popular with cyber criminals is spreading via malicious Word documents with the aim of stealing bank details and other useful personal information.