This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On October 04, 2019

Monday 9/30

Most malspam contains a malicious URL these days, not file attachments

If the majority of malspam content sent out these days leverages malicious links, this means operators are getting higher clickthroughs and infections when compared to the classic technique of attaching files to emails.

IGEL’s new hardware design is on track for the EUC revolution

The IGEL UD2 features a quad-core processor providing robust performance for use cases ranging from office applications, to media consumption, web communication and collaboration, and cloud access across any industry.

Is Your Personal Data Leaking From Your “Digital Exhaust”?

Because of the synchronization service, the data you stored in the Notes application on your work computer was also automatically stored in your home computer Notes application. In fact, the data was in your home before you were.

Tuesday 10/1

Windows Virtual Desktop General Availability

Microsoft is making WVD very attractive, starting with a unique multi-session version of Windows 10 which is only available in Azure through this offering and continuing with extended support for Windows 7.

Citrix announces Day 1 support for Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop

The Citrix 1909 VDA is ready for all the capabilities of Windows Virtual Desktop, including Windows 10 multi-session images deployed on Azure virtual machines, providing all the benefits of Citrix HDX technologies to users.

AI Builds AI: Startup’s AI Generates Compact Neural Networks

Many of DarwinAI’s early customers are now using the platform to speed their development. It also helps reduce the data processed on customers’ systems running NVIDIA Jetson modules on site and NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPUs in the cloud for training and inference.

Wednesday 10/2

Head Fake: Tackling Disruptive Ransomware Attacks

In this newer campaign, the threat actors leveraged victim systems to deploy malware such as Dridex or NetSupport, and multiple post-exploitation frameworks. The threat actors’ ultimate goal in some cases was to ransom systems in mass with BitPaymer or DoppelPaymer ransomware.

Why not prevention?

Prevention is easier than you might think. The first step is to ensure that your cyber security management can oversee/manage every single one of your devices. A high number of devices translates to an increased number of ways for hackers to get in.

Thursday 10/3

Symantec Celebrates National Cybersecurity Awareness Month With New Educational Microsite Promoting Online Safety and Privacy

“Cyber safety in today’s connected world is challenging, as the risks one has to manage in their daily life span across device security, identity protection and personal digital privacy. Our goal is to simplify the complexities of protection from cyber threats.”

Zynga data breach exposed 200 million Words with Friends players

The hacker accessed a database that included data from over 218 million Android and iOS Words with Friends players, who installed the game before Sept. 2, according to the report.

Friday 10/4

Vancouver Canucks Turns to Veeam Cloud Data Management to Optimize Fan Experience

Aquilini Investment Group, owners of the Canucks and Rogers Arena, turned to Veeam to provide a greater hospitality and fan experience by ensuring that its ticket scanners, gates, Wi-Fi and point-of-sale systems operate without any downtime.

SandBlast Mobile now blocks malicious app downloads and prevents credential theft

SandBlast Mobile has just added two new capabilities to its mobile threat defense solution: Download Prevention, which blocks malicious apps and profiles from being downloaded, and Zero-Phishing which prevent credential theft.