This Week In Technology

This Week In Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On March 06, 2020

Monday 3/2

Warning Issued For Millions Of Microsoft Windows 10 Users

Every Windows 10 computer is vulnerable to a serious (and widespread) system hack unless they change the default settings for viewing files.

Ransomware – Pure’s Unique Mitigation Solution

Immutability Plus via FlashBlade SafeMode is the key. This offers the ability to prevent backups stored on FlashBlade from being compromised by attackers, thus acting as a force multiplier on FlashBlade’s existing simplicity and Rapid Restore capability.

Tuesday 3/3

New Evasion Encyclopedia Shows How Malware Detects Virtual Machines

To evade detection and analysis by security researchers, malware may check if it is running under a virtualized environment such as virtual machine in VirtualBox and VMware. If these checks indicate that it is being run in a VM, the malware will simply not run, and in some cases, delete itself to prevent analysis.

Insight Partners Completes Acquisition of Cloud Data Management Leader Veeam for a Value of $5 Billion

“Veeam has consistently addressed the hard problems that customers have around next-generation data management. This is a significant transaction that provides the additional resources necessary for Veeam to address the needs of an increasingly diverse and complex customer landscape.”

Wednesday 3/4

Fortinet Optimizes Network Performance With Secure SD-WAN

Applications moving to the cloud and increased traffic demands due to SaaS and cloud-hosted applications can have an immediate effect on user experience, especially for business-critical and real-time applications such as voice and video. To deliver better performance, these applications need to be identified correctly, prioritized, and forwarded on using the highest performing WAN link available.

Securing Serverless Applications with Prisma Cloud (Palo Alto Networks)

Serverless security boils down to having strong code and tight permissions, as well as inspecting triggering events – and how they impact function behavior.

Thursday 3/5

A Brief History of Securing the Hybrid Cloud (CyberArk)

As hybrid cloud environments become more prevalent, it’s time to look back at the evolution of cloud computing – and, more importantly, how to secure these dynamic environments.

NetSupport Manager RAT Spread via Bogus NortonLifeLock Docs

Researchers said that the campaign is likely part of a larger offensive that dates back to early November, with email subject lines reusing themes associated with refunds, as well as transaction and order inquiries.

Friday 3/6

Boost employee productivity with Citrix Workspace microapps

Citrix Workspace comes with about 100 microapps out of the box, but you can further enhance the employee experience with custom application integrations. These integrations support use cases for custom enterprise applications and systems and are made easier with our low-code microapp builder.

Nvidia acquires data storage and management platform SwiftStack

Nvidia today announced that it has acquired SwiftStack, a software-centric data storage and management platform that supports public cloud, on-premises and edge deployments.