This Week In Technology

This Week In Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On April 03, 2020

Monday 3/30

Cloud, COVID-19, and the Elusive Measure of Agility via F5

If you need help supporting remote work—not every app is SaaS or in a cloud, after all—we're here to help. We have technology and support options to help with availability, remote access, and security. You can also find free resources from our NGINX arm to help you out.

TrickBot App Bypasses Non-SMS Banking 2FA

Though it’s not the first of its kind, this Android malware app is more sophisticated than similar apps, and possesses interesting features that enable its operators to steal transaction authorization codes from victims who download the app.

Tuesday 3/31

Resilient cloud connectivity with Azure Virtual WAN and Citrix SD-WAN (Citrix)

Citrix SD-WAN’s multi-link connectivity is now available for Azure Virtual WAN, ensuring seamless and easy-to-manage connectivity to resources deployed in Azure.

Hackers Take Advantage of Zoom's Popularity to Push Malware

Attackers are attempting to take advantage of Zoom's increasing user base since the COVID-19 outbreak started by registering hundreds of new Zoom-themed domains for malicious purposes.

Wednesday 4/1

Disaster Recovery 101 – The Beginner’s Guide (Veeam)

If you were looking for a guide on what is business continuity, disaster recovery and other associated terms — you are in the right place. Understanding the disaster recovery can be tricky, but it’s never too late to learn the basics: make yourself comfortable, we are about to start with the nuts and bolts!

McAfee Completes Light Point Security Acquisition

Light Point Security’s browser isolation pixel mapping technology protects users without diminishing user experience. Gartner recognizes remote processing as “a core evasion-resilient security pattern,” and soon MVISION UCE customers will be able to apply a consistent threat protection policy across their entire network and SaaS applications.

Thursday 4/2

LimeRAT malware is being spread through VelvetSweatshop Excel encryption technique

The modular Trojan can spread through connected USB drives, uninstall itself if a virtual machine (VM) is detected -- a typical practice for security researchers attempting to reverse-engineer malware -- lock screens, and steal a variety of data which is then sent to a command-and-control (C2) server via AES encryption.

What We’re Learning About Work from Home Technologies

COVID-19 has really shaken things up, especially as far as business continuity is concerned. Gotham CTO Ken Phelan provides opinions on the new business climate as well as some tips for businesses during this period of uncertainty.

Friday 4/3

Expedite Exchange Server Volume Creation

Arguably one of the more tedious tasks when building Exchange servers is configuring the disks and volumes. Even in smaller environments, where there may be only two or three databases, the actual number of volumes gets multiplied by the number of copies in the DAG.

How to Automate Security with Proofpoint Cloud App Security Broker

Securing remote access to cloud applications and data has never been more important. Proofpoint detects risky access and automates security controls for cloud services. Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) customers can connect their Office 365 and G Suite APIs to monitor for compromised accounts.