This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On May 29, 2020

Tuesday 5/26

ThreatList: People Know Reusing Passwords Is Dumb, But Still Do It

Researchers said that password reuse was the biggest security faux pas being committed by respondents. In fact, password reuse has actually gotten worse over the years: When asked how frequently they use the same password or a variation, 66 percent answered “always” or “mostly” – which is up 8 percent from the same survey in 2018.

Is Disaster Recovery Really Ransomware Recovery? (Pure Storage)

Even with all the clever technology solutions out there, it’s clear that attackers are having success. It’s a case of when, not if, your organization gets compromised. What will you do to recover your data from a ransomware attack?

Tax Season Phishing (Check Point)

The PDF document was called “2018 1040 Tax Forms5.pdf” and was uploaded to Google Drive. In addition to its misleading name, victims may be less suspicious of this document since it is available from a legitimate Google service.

Wednesday 5/27

FireEye Endpoint Security: Introducing Innovation Architecture for Rapid Deployment of Advanced Capabilities

Unlike traditional endpoint security vendors that provide one-size-fits-all solutions to every customer, FireEye Endpoint Security is designed to deliver comprehensive defense using fully customizable protection modules.

McAfee Uncovers Flood of Attacks on Corporate Cloud Accounts as Companies Work From Home

Based on anonymized and aggregated data from more than 30 million McAfee MVISION Cloud users worldwide between January and April, the report reveals significant and potentially long-lasting trends that include an increase in the use of cloud services, access from unmanaged devices and the rise of cloud-native threats.

Thursday 5/28

The Two Questions You Need to Answer to Achieve High Availability (F5)

Achieving high availability is not just a matter of inserting a load balancer into the data path. That's part of the equation, but it's just one of the steps needed to ensure an app or website stays available.

We’re Helping Companies Affected by COVID-19 with Free Cloud Storage for 90 Days (NetApp)

NetApp is offering free storage on Google Cloud for IT teams addressing the digital fallout of the pandemic. Technology has been our connective fiber during this time, keeping people connected, keeping businesses running, and offering hope for a rapid medical solution.

This critical Android bug allows malware to masquerade as legitimate apps

The malware (dubbed Stranghogg 2.0) infects devices via an illegitimate download and, once onboard, can perform malicious activities via multiple genuine applications. The malware can also reportedly meddle with application permissions, allowing it to scrape sensitive user data and even track the affected individual’s real-time location.

Friday 5/29

5 Tips for Fighting Credential Stuffing Attacks

As credential stuffing becomes more mainstream, here are 5 tips to help fight the attacks.

Why Early Indicators of Insider Threat Risk Are So Valuable—And Which Ones to Use (Proofpoint)

Organizations must invest in security solutions that provide early warnings when insiders engage in risky or out of policy behavior to combat the threat before the damage is done.