This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On June 26, 2020

Monday 6/22

Rendering Ransomware Worthless (Nutanix)

Disclaimer: there is no silver bullet when it comes to protecting against ransomware. It is a vast and expansive topic that can encompass many aspects of your IT infrastructure, including network, compute, memory, storage, and disaster recovery, among others.

New subscription options for on-premises Citrix Workspace solutions

Citrix recognizes that not every customer is ready to make the move to cloud services. This is why Citrix is introducing its on-premises digital workspace solutions in a subscription licensing model to meet our customers’ needs.

Tuesday 6/23

Working from Home with Security from the Cloud (Proofpoint)

Cloud-delivered products remove the physical obstacles and shift the work and responsibility of updating software back to the vendors themselves. Security solutions delivered via a distributed network of global points of presence reduce latency significantly, which is increasingly critical for a global workforce.

How to Solve Performance Issues with SSL Encrypted Traffic (Riverbed)

By giving attention to these types of technical aspects in an enterprise network, we can enhance the user’s experience by eliminating many of the common performance issues they experience. SSL optimization is just one of many capabilities in the Riverbed WAN Optimization arsenal.

Wednesday 6/24

Google Yanks 106 ‘Malicious’ Chrome Extensions

Trojan Chrome browser extensions spied on users and maintained a foothold on the networks of financial services, oil and gas, media and entertainment, healthcare and pharmaceuticals and government organizations.

Improve Security Effectiveness and Efficiency by Validating Tools (FireEye)

It is clear that organizations are at high risk of missing the threats that matter. Part of that could be due to a lack of visibility into security effectiveness, which makes it difficult to properly assess risk.

Thursday 6/25

How Containers Change Scalability (F5)

Scale today depends on the control plane. The speed of the API used to launch and decommission resources is perhaps more important than the speed of the load balancing service itself.

The IoT Supply Chain Risk: Why Everyone Should Pay Attention to Ripple20 Vulnerabilities (Forescout)

The bigger picture here is that these are just some of the risks living under the surface of the billions of IoT and OT devices permeating our enterprise networks today, risks we are finding out more and more about through disclosures like this one.

Friday 6/26

Lucifer: Devilish malware that abuses critical vulnerabilities on Windows machines

Lucifer is considered to be a powerful hybrid malware capable of cryptojacking and harnessing infected machines to perform Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks. Patches are available for all of the weaponized security flaws.

Citrix and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Collaborate to Return Employees to Offices

Leveraging out-of-the-box microapp capabilities within Citrix® Workspace released by Citrix earlier this week, HPE will deliver unique workflows within its Intelligent Workplace solution that enable employees to quickly and easily complete tasks associated with returning to offices across five key areas.