This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On August 07, 2020

Monday 8/3

Citrix Commits To $1B Cloud Spend With Unnamed Provider

Under the new multi-year agreement, Microsoft Azure – Microsoft’s cloud platform – will “a preferred cloud platform” for Citrix. Citrix will move its existing on-premises customers to Microsoft Azure to help enable their employees to work anywhere across devices, and the two companies will provide joint tools to facilitate the transition.

The Log Data Conundrum: How to Get it Right at Scale (Pure Storage)

Today’s log data includes data from streaming sources, cloud environments, containers, and virtual machines. Feeding this into legacy systems, then asking modern questions from it, can exacerbate the problem.

ICYMI: Live Webinar – The New Normal

Join a panel of customer and industry experts, moderated by Ken Phelan, CTO of Gotham Technology Group as they discuss new imperatives in distributed secure network architectures to see what you can do to prepare for the New Network Normal.

Tuesday 8/4

 7 Best Practices for Securely Enabling Remote Work (CyberArk)

Today’s users need flexibility to do their jobs efficiently with the ability to access business systems at any time and in any place. However, with this new way of working, comes new security challenges – and those challenge require modern solutions.

Phishing campaigns, from first to last victim, take 21h on average

While researchers analyzed more than 400,000 phishing sites, they said that the vast majority of phishing campaigns weren't really that effective, and that just a handful of phishing operators/campaigns accounted for most of the victims.

Wednesday 8/5

Making the Most of a Security Incident (F5)

Difficult security incidents are unique and valuable opportunities. They are the sort of testing you can’t buy: real-world, un-simulated, and direct. No pen-test or code review is going to do what a serious incident will. They are priceless jewels, but only if you use them for all they’re worth.

Special Delivery: Criminals Posing as Amazon Are Out to Steal User’s Data (McAfee)

These scams all begin with an unsuspecting user seeking help from Amazon’s customer support or their security team, only to find the contact information of a fraudster posing as the company.

Thursday 8/6

Why Cloud Native Security Requires a Unified Platform (Check Point)

Consolidation allows for a higher level of security through superior integration, and fewer functional gaps between the protections each product delivers. Additionally, security professionals eliminate the need to monitor multiple management consoles, and only need to be trained to one unified security solution

Modernizing Security with Six Capabilities for Zero Trust Architectures (Zscaler)

By using cloud-based security and compliance tools as part of a zero trust security model, organizations can protect data and applications without having to go through frequent updates.

Friday 8/7

Obscured by Clouds: Insights into Office 365 Attacks and How Mandiant Managed Defense Investigates (FireEye)

With Business Email Compromises (BECs) showing no signs of slowing down, it is becoming increasingly important for security analysts to understand Office 365 (O365) breaches and how to properly investigate them.

Magecart group uses homoglyph attacks to fool you into visiting malicious websites

Characters are used in domain names to make website addresses appear legitimate, when in fact, threat actors are relying on visitors not noticing small differences or mistakes when they visit.