This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On November 20, 2020

Monday 11/16

Get Backup Data Out of Neutral to Accelerate Innovation (Pure Storage)

If you’ve mostly thought of backups as a backup plan, it may be time to start thinking of these idle resources as an onward and upward plan—especially in terms of accelerating your modernization.

Zero Trust: How to Secure Your Network in the Age of Cloud and Worker Mobility (Proofpoint)

With people and computing resources scattered about, unknown devices connecting from near and far, and cloud-based applications now essential to business operations, the traditional site-centric perimeter of network security is long gone.

The healthcare industry has moved to a remote model at an unprecedented speed. Join LoginVSI on Wednesday, Dec 2, at 11:30 AM EST to discuss the challenges that the healthcare industry may face moving forward. See the link below for registration details.

Tuesday 11/17

Bridge the Gap Between the Security You Have and the Security You Need (McAfee)

When the threat landscape shifts suddenly, security professionals must quickly react and change their security posture. This not only means reconfiguring existing security investments but also adding new ones.

More than 245,000 Windows systems still remain vulnerable to BlueKeep RDP bug

A year and a half after Microsoft disclosed the BlueKeep vulnerability impacting the Windows RDP service, more than 245,000 Windows systems still remain unpatched and vulnerable to attacks.

Wednesday 11/18

2020 Phishing and Fraud Report (F5)

This year we found that phishing incidents rose by a staggering 220% compared to the yearly average during the height of global pandemic fears.

Jupyter trojan: Newly discovered malware stealthily steals usernames and passwords

The attack primarily targets Chromium, Firefox, and Chrome browser data, but also has additional capabilities for opening up a backdoor on compromised systems, allowing attackers to execute PowerShell scripts and commands, as well as the ability to download and execute additional malware.

Thursday 11/19

Phishing emails double in November in run-up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday (Check Point)

It isn’t just stores and buyers who are getting ready for an online spree:  threat actors are also organizing their infrastructures to try and grab their share of our holiday spending, too.

Highly Scalable FortiGate Next Generation Firewall Security on AWS Gateway Load Balancer Service

Fortinet’s FortiGate-VM integration with GWLB helps organizations deploy Next Generation Firewall capabilities in the cloud with high availability, scaling, and load balancing.

Friday 11/20

Administering your Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops site just got easier

With the new Citrix Web Studio, we see 15 percent faster interactions across the board compared to the legacy console. Customers involved in our tech preview have seen performance gains improve by 2x.

The ransomware landscape is more crowded than you think

These gangs, often called Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) clients or affiliates, rent the ransomware code, customize it using options provided by the RaaS, and then deploy in real-world attacks via a method of their choosing.