This Week in Technology

This Week in Technology

By Eric Corcoran
Posted in Technology Week in Review
On December 11, 2020

Monday 12/7

Fortinet SD-WAN: Now Extended to Rugged, Remote Locations

Platform security vendor Fortinet has introduced two new ruggedized products to its FortiGate 60 next-generation firewall for SD-WAN series to bring security and Fortinet SD-WAN to harsh IT environments.

40% of the World’s Mobile Devices are Inherently Vulnerable. Is your Corporate Data at Risk? (Check Point)

In research dubbed “Achilles,” the Check Point Research team has found over 400 vulnerabilities in one of Qualcomm Technologies’ most-used DSP chips. A chip embedded into over 40% of the mobile phone market.

Tuesday 12/8

Ransomware Readiness Assessment (Gotham)

Since the risks cannot be entirely eliminated, proper planning will ensure that critical data assets are protected, backed up, and archived so that the harm of an infection is dramatically reduced. The trick then is to plan and execute appropriately.

Understanding BEC Scams: Supplier Invoicing Fraud (Proofpoint)

But what sets BEC supplier invoicing scams apart is not just the large dollar amounts often associated with these scams, but also the complex nature of these scams.

Wednesday 12/9

Unauthorized Access of FireEye Red Team Tools

FireEye is releasing hundreds of countermeasures with this blog post to enable the broader security community to protect themselves against these tools. We have incorporated the countermeasures in our FireEye products—and shared these countermeasures with partners, government agencies—to significantly limit the ability of the bad actor to exploit the Red Team tools.

Citrix TIPs: Machine Creation Services in secure AWS Deployments

Security Groups enable a stronger security posture by easily allowing only the communications that are required.

Juniper Networks acquires datacenter network automation startup Apstra

Juniper says the purchase will add to its portfolio of solutions, which include switching platforms with a cloud-native routing stack.

Thursday 12/10

2021 Cybersecurity Trends: The Emergence of the Personalized Attack Chain (CyberArk)

As we look ahead to 2021, how will the convergence of these unimaginable forces and events impact cybersecurity for the next 12 months?

Ransomware gangs are getting faster at encrypting networks. That will make them harder to stop

Cyber-criminal hackers uncover vulnerabilities on networks then spend months laying the groundwork to compromise the systems with ransomware before finally unleashing the attack and encrypting the network.

Friday 12/11

Top Phishing Lures to Look Out for This Holiday Season (McAfee)

If you receive an email, call, or text asking you to download software or pay a certain amount of money, don’t click on anything or take any direct action from the message. Instead, go straight to the organization’s website. This will prevent you from downloading malicious content from phishing links or forking over money unnecessarily.

Defending the Intelligent Edge from Evolving Attacks

By some accounts, home-office networks are now 3.5 times more likely than corporate networks to be infected by malware.