What’s New in Citrix Cloud – June 2023

What’s New in Citrix Cloud – June 2023

By Timothy Karl
Posted in Infrastructure
On June 21, 2023

Citrix continues to innovate their Citrix Cloud platform with new enhancements and capabilities. Here are some highlights of some of the recent new enhancements and capabilities that are now available to the public:

Citrix Cloud Now Supports Google Cloud Identity

Google Cloud Identity is now supported as an identity provider for subscribers. This provides a unified single sign-on experience to access Citrix Workspace and Google resources. Please note this only works for end-user subscribers, it does not support authentication of Administrator to Citrix Cloud. However, this is something Citrix is working on in the future.


Support for Nutanix Cloud Clusters in Azure

Citrix Cloud now officially supports Nutanix Cloud Cluster (NC2) running in Microsoft Azure. NC2 allows you to run the Nutanix software platform on Azure bare metal servers known as Ready Nodes for Nutanix (AN nodes). This allows Nutanix customers to build a hybrid cloud platform between their on-premises Nutanix data center hardware and Azure. This allows customers to easily expand their on-premises Citrix Workloads running on Nutanix into the cloud.

Citrix Gateway Service Now Supports Loss Tolerant Mode

Loss tolerant mode enhances the audio experience for users connecting through networking with high latency and packet loss. It is based on the EDT Lossy transport protocol, which allows packets to be lost in transmission without having to resend multimedia content. It provides for a more real-time audio experience for end users.

Simulcast for Microsoft Teams

Citrix Cloud now supports Simulcast for Microsoft Teams. This is a huge enhancement for customers who rely on virtualizing Teams in Citrix DaaS. With Simulcast, all video streams are delivered at the best quality for each individual endpoint. Before this enhancement, all meeting attendees were forced to run on a video resolution of the lowest-performing endpoint. This means that if one user on a large meeting had low video resolution, all other users were forced to be on and see the same video resolution.

Splunk Integration with Citrix Analytics for Performance

Citrix Analytics for Performance can now be integrated with the Splunk Observability platform. This means that you can export performance and events from Citrix Analytics for Performance to Splunk. This is an important enhancement for customers who leverage Splunk, as it will allow them to combine Citrix Analytics for performance data with other external data sources to give them a better overall holistic view of their environment within the Spunk Observability platform.

Timothy Karl

Timothy Karl

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