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Kevin is a Principal Architect for Gotham's Cybersecurity Practice. Kevin has been engrossed in cybersecurity for the last 10 years, working with organizations to identify, assess, strategize, and implement their cybersecurity initiatives. Kevin's focus areas include anything that can be found on a security analyst's desktop or technologies that can be found in a SOC.


By Kevin Santarina, Posted in Security

If you haven’t read tech news in the last week or two, would you have thought twice about clicking on these links if they were embedded into an email? This past month, Google introduced eight new top-level domains that are publicly available for registration. Among them are two very commonly recognized file extensions, .zip and .mov. The .zip extension is one of those file extensions used to indicate to a user that they are about to receive a collection of files, PDFs, documents, installers, etc., a... read more.

  • May 23, 2023