AppDNA MST File Import Fails.

By Kaysel Adrover
Posted in Support
On April 18, 2017



AppDNA 7.13

When attempting to execute a Direct Import of an MST file, the following error messages occurs. After selecting Continue, it will return to the AppDNA console but the import will not proceed.





Changed the path of the Log File location within the AppDNA settings by selecting Configuration > Files.

I changed the Log File Location from %CommonAppData%\AppDNA\appTitude\Logs to C:\Temp.



This resolved the issue and I was able to import MST files.


Kaysel Adrover

Kaysel Adrover

Kaysel has over 10 years’ experience in systems consulting and Citrix operations management. He implements virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions utilizing Provisioning Virtual Server 5.6 farms, XenDesktop 4.0 and XenDesktop 5; integrates XenApp application farms with VDI on XenServer, ESX, and Hyper-V environments, and configures Web Interface and Citrix Profile Management.